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We provide the highest yield for LPs and security for the network.

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Stake Swap

‘StakeSwap’ is an AMM-based DEX that provides both Swap Fee and Staking Reward to Liquid Providers.

‘StakeSwap’ is an AMM that provides additional staking rewards as well as swap fees to LPs by staking ETH in the Liquidity Pool to Liquid Staking Solutions such as Lido and RocketPool.

Security of PoS blockchains.

Security of PoS blockchains.

A high staking ratio is extremely important for the security of PoS blockchains.

However, while other PoS blockchains have staking ratios of over 70%, only 14% of the total Ethereum supply is currently staked.

This is because DEXs provide higher returns than staking.

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Higher return

We made it possible for LPs to supply AMM liquidity and liquid staking at the same time,

providing a higher rate of return than other AMMs and contributing to the security of the Ethereum network.